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Olivier Pardo, former judge and former advisor to the French Minister of Justice, founded his first independent law firm in 1992.

In 2020, together with Jonathan Siahou, Laurence Dauxin-Nedelec, Nathalie Makowski, Benjamin Mathieu, Antoine Cadeo de Iturbide and Baptiste de Fresse de Monva, he created OPLUS.



In a changing world, with an increasingly complex, demanding and changing legal system, OPLUS combines the skills, vision and experience of lawyers from different generations.

OPLUS assists and advises States, companies and individuals in solving crises – business litigation, collective proceedings, arbitration, criminal law, press law, family law – and the implementation of major business operations.

Thanks to its team of experienced and innovative lawyers united around goals of excellence and efficiency, OPLUS is able to offer its clients strategic legal advice in order to foresee, prevent and solve the most complex issues.

All lawyers at OPLUS are seamlessly committed to the same goal: to defend, with strength, courage and expertise, those who are more than just clients, who are their cause.




Through its founders, OPLUS enjoys a very strong reputation in the field of corporate restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

Thanks to Olivier Pardo’s participation in the reform of the French law on insolvency proceedings in 1994, the team has a unique technical knowledge of the topic and a great understanding of the key actors in that field.

OPLUS advises its clients in the prevention of corporate difficulties (ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard), assists them in insolvency proceedings (legal redress and liquidation) and operations of restructuring (representation of debtors in the context of a takeover, as well as defense of shareholders and executives).

OPLUS’s expertise extends to insolvency proceedings within the European Union and international insolvency proceedings.

OPLUS also provides its clients with cutting-edge know-how in contractual engineering, corporate law and conflicts resolution.

In order to offer its clients the most complete advice, OPLUS works closely with specialized investment banks, auditors and judicial experts.

Olivier Pardo and his team have been key players in all the major French insolvency cases of the past twenty years.


OPLUS benefits from a renowned expertise in both complex civil and commercial national and international litigation, as well as domestic and international arbitration.

OPLUS continually assists and represents its clients in pre-litigation and litigation procedures before commercial and civil courts.

OPLUS offers its clients significant experience in the resolution of disputes between shareholders.

Our lawyers offer clients significant experience in many industries, including hospitality, retail, financial services, pharmaceutical and energy.

OPLUS lawyers have proved their capacity to innovate as they have reformed the French class actions in a high-profile case.


OPLUS benefits from a unique cross-disciplinary expertise in the field of criminal law, with a strong focus on white collar crime defense

Thanks to Oliver Pardo’s prior experience as a judge, OPLUS has first hands-on knowledge of the way criminal jurisdictions and criminal procedure work, allowing its lawyers to develop innovative and efficient strategies for the defense of its clients.

Clients benefit from OPLUS extensive experience defending companies and individuals against allegations relating to all significant areas of white-collar crime and regulatory matters.

OPLUS has developed an expertise in the detection and apprehension of criminal risk within a company prior to any criminal proceedings.

By developing and putting in place compliance plans based on the market’s best practices, OPLUS helps its clients prevent criminal prosecutions without affecting the company’s performance.

OPLUS lawyers have gained a strong reputation as they took part in major French criminal cases.


OPLUS has developed a well-known expertise in media law with a particular focus on press law and defamation and the protection of freedom of speech.

OPLUS represents celebrities, States and journalists in connection with a wide variety of legal matters, including defamation and libel.

The firm’s lawyers have achieved significant successes in complex and highly publicized cases.


OPLUS has developed a well-known expertise in complex family disputes, often with an international dimension, involving both family law and estate planning and inheritance law.

OPLUS lawyers have built up a network of specialists, including notaries and tax specialists, who are among the best in the countries where they practice.


Influence has become one of the strongest assets of modern communication. We live today in a “word of mouth” society. New actors, new means appear, and are becoming the corner stone of this new society.

Our firm has the privilege to assist France’s first influencers agency. The firm advises a growing number of influencers in their legal protection and defense.

OPLUS has developed specific skills in e-reputation, the drafting of contracts between influencers and their agents as well as their general defense and legal advice.

OPLUS is, with enthusiasm, taking part in the construction of this new area of law that is the law of influencers


OPLUS advises and assists its clients in all type of transactions including merger, acquisition, sale, and external growth.

The strong expertise built over the years, as well as the deep knowledge its lawyers have of the current industrial and financial landscape allow OPLUS to offer its clients a service that is perfectly suited to the most complex transactions.


In the context of LBO or Venture Capital transactions, OPLUS consults with the sellers, investors or managers in order to determine and implement the most relevant strategies.


OPLUS has developed tailor-made drafting skills and negotiation strategies that benefit from its 20+ years of experience in both M&A transactions and dispute resolution. OPLUS is regularly consulted for complex contractual negotiations, in the context of national and international commercial partnerships and joint-venture transactions.

The international culture of our team and our worldwide network of experts enable OPLUS to assist its foreign clients in France and its French clients abroad.


OPLUS has a recognized expertise in banking law and credit law. On these matters, OPLUS regularly assists investment banks and financial establishments.


OPLUS offers its clients its expertise in financial engineering, contracts and company law in order to allow them to benefit from the most efficient legal structures according to their needs.

OPLUS assists its clients in the drafting of statutes and shareholders agreements in accordance with the market’s best practices and in compliance with the necessary balance between operational flexibility and legal security.


The OPLUS team has developed a know-how in project financing and debt restructuring both nationally and internationally through network of banks and high-profile investment funds.


OPLUS’s clients are made of artists, intellectuals, and producers.

OPLUS has a strong expertise in sensitivity intellectual property law where the rigor of law must be combined with the refinement of intellectual creation or cutting edge inventions.


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